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Elisa - Do in the Universe

Questa è l'ultima canzone dell' album Heart di Elisa

In caso di malfunzionamento, vi preghiamo di contattarci specificando il video


I’m a dot in the universe, i’m a mind
I’m the daughter of my mother and it feels fine
Somewhere in time somewhere in space
A constellation where i drew her face
I’m a dot in this universe
Running off the tracks
I’m a step from the edge but i’m an acrobat
Stretching my arms, stretching my faith
Walking a tightrope and still i feel safe
Well, i’ll find my way home, i’ll find my way
I’ll find my way home, i’ll find my way
I’m a dot in the universe, i’m alive
I’m a fast car aching to drive
I’m autumn turned leaves wind
Through the trees
First day of summer and still snow falling
I’m a dot in this universe,
I’m a heart breaking not able to play the part
I am just a leftover dream
But i’ll die a little so i’ll become real
Well, i’ll find my way home i’ll find my way
I’ll find my way home, i’ll find my way..
Hey hey hey oh….
A moment of you talking with your ey
The warmth of your hand
Holding on to mine
I’d be a fool to not realize
How lonely i’d feel without it
So i don’t want to lose love
If it takes this whole world
If it takes my whole world

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